It turns out that one math instructor, named Si Swun designed his own standards-aligned math curriculum, called Map2D, which was making headway with students. Based on these results, the school expanded this same curriculum to other classes. Eventually, based on the data coming from this school, the district expanded this curriculum even further, to other schools. The pilot schools performed exceptionally well. In fact, these schools experienced a one-year, 24-point gain in their API scores due to fifth grade math proficiency. Long Beach had such great results that they expanded the math program district wide. Then other districts heard about it and it spread to Compton, Garden Grove, Lennox, and Oakland. Today, thousands of students are in the Map2D program, making real gains in proficiency.
Jack O’Connell, California Superintendent of Education
Swun Math has provided our district with common practices and formats for teaching mathematics. After implementing the Swun Math Model, our district now believes that all of our teachers have the same strategies and skill sets to teach children math effectively. Swun Math has provided a systematic approach to teaching math content and facts instruction. Both instruction models have helped to lesson anxiety across the district for students, teachers, and district personnel when there are transfers. More importantly, all students, within our district, will enter a familiar math environment in which they understand and feel successful. Swun Math uses our current text materials and builds a program tailored made for our district and our needs.
Abimbola Ajala, Associate Superintendent of Elementary School Compton Unified School District
The Swun Math Program helped to narrow the achievement gap between African American/Latino students and Asian students by promoting more African American and Latino students into the proficient/advanced performance levels.
Oakland Research Department, 2009
Swun Math is so much more than a math program. It is about good teaching. With the help of Swun Math, our school sent 51% proficient to 81% proficient on the math California State Test. It helped transform not only our math instruction but all classroom instruction
Lissett Pichardo, Principal, Felton School, Lennox School District
Our multi-year partnership with Swun Math has been transformational. Students are engaged, animated, and excited to learn. Math has come alive in our classrooms, and achievement has shot up across the district.
Brad Stam, Chief Academic Officer Oakland USD, 2006-2010
The Swun Math Model is by far the most superior math instruction model that I have seen throughout my 30 years of education. It provides effective pacing, strategies, and delivery models that maximizes student success from all different communities and backgrounds.
Mary Buttler, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development Oakland USD, 2007-2010
I am convinced that our work with the Swun Math group, the professional development they offered our certificated staff, the power of their program, the focus and dedication of our staff and the hard work of our students was responsible for this consistent and impressive growth in mathematics’ achievement data. One of the most advantageous characteristics of the Swun Math program is the fact that it is a dynamic mathematics’ curricula. The Swun team is constantly reevaluating and revising the program, instruction and assessments based on user feedback. This quality allows it to remain a current, relevant and well aligned program; unlike other curricula which are static and unchanging for the time duration of the adoption.
Our staff have developed a greater capacity for powerful, active and intentional mathematics’ instruction thanks to our work with the Swun Math group and our students are the better for it.
Aaron Shrogin, Principal, Bonita School - Santa Maria-Bonita School District
I am so grateful that you made it possible for our teachers to use the SWUN program. The teachers are working hard to go back and reteach the standards using the program. I can see already how students are liking math again because of SWUN. Thank you so much!!!!
Rosa Alonso, Principal, Horace Mann